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Switzerland distributor

United Renewable Energy Co "URECO" is one of the leading PV manufacturer from Taiwan. Renowned for cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence,

URECO is the go-to choice for high-quality solar solutions. 


Full black PV

Easy disassemble PV
High recycling value

logo solar.jpg
1722 x 1134 x 30 mm /
20.2 KG 395W - 410 W
1'500 Volt max

Make the choice of quality with a Tier 1 supplier


Bloomberg Tier 1 is a classification that distinguishes the most reliable and financially robust manufacturers of solar panels in the market. 

Quality Assurance: Tier 1 suppliers prioritize high-quality manufacturing.

High Performance cells: Tier 1 panels have better efficiency and energy output.

Warranty & Support: Tier 1 manufacturers offer long-term reliability and support.

Testing and Certification: Rigorous testing ensures compliance with standards.

Financial Stability: Tier 1 classification indicates a financially stable supplier.


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