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Coolnomix technology

Powered by AI Technology to optimize your energy consumption

ABOUT Coolnomix Technology

Installation process

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What is COOLNOMIX® ?

An easy to fit, AI based intelligent energy optimisation thermostat for both home and

commercial direct expansion (DX) based Air Conditioning (AC) units.

It uses a combination of thermodynamic (temperature) and hydraulic control to assure pre-set temperature settings and optimise the operational run-time of the cooling system compressor, reducing its run-time and therefore costs.

Why is COOLNOMIX® an improvement to your AC?

AC manufacturers make use of a single room temperature measurement to determine the run-time of the compressor. This concept wastes energy by needlessly over-running the compressor.

How does COOLNOMIX® works ?

The 1st sensor replicates the function of the room temperature measurement and

delivers the required room temperature as a priority.

The 2nd sensor measures cold-supply air temperature from the AC to determine when the hydraulic workload

of condensing the gas to liquid is completed.

It then applies an algorithmic energy trading model which signals to the AC’s control system that cooling is no longer required. This reduces compressor energy consumption for inverter and non-inverter based units.

It then use up the AC’s reservoir of high pressure refrigerant that has been created. The cycle is then repeated.

The result is better temperature control and a dynamically optimised reduction in overall compressor energy consumption,

which accounts for 90% of the total electricity and carbon footprint in refrigerant based cooling systems

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